Climate Champion Program (CCP)

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About Climate Champion program

We all know, climate change is real and it's happening. Initiative steps from individuals are very important to tackle climate change and its impact in our lives. Climate champions program is curated for corporate employees to spread and create awareness about climate change and develop sustainable living practices.

Our Mission: 
Targeting to reach 1 million people in 5 years time to move towards sustainable lifestyle and healthier practices.
Objectives of CCP
  • Co-create an eco- environment that provides an opportunity to integrate sustainable practices in everyday lives and connect employee engagement, employee well-being through sustainable initiatives by providing training and services.
  • To make individuals / families to be prepared to face the effects of climate change.
  • Opportunity to build network space with various sustainable stakeholders and with eco communities.
Our Training
Soruce segregration
Source Segregation

Awareness and workshop on source segregation on dry, wet waste, e-waste.


Awareness and methods of composting organic and food waste.

agriculture farm activities
Kitchen Gardening

Awareness and ideas to set up kitchen gardening in home / open space.

eco-friendly product making
Eco-friendly household products

Toxic free household products like soap, phenols, sanitary pads etc.

Food forest_Permaculture
Food Forest

providing fundamental awareness and idea on developing permaculture initiatives, exposure to farm visit and connecting with experts, design support as per individuals interest.

eco-friendly construction
Eco-friendly Construction

providing support system and co-creating training with green architect towards eco-friendly construction methods as per individuals requirements.

Minimalistic lifestyle
Minimalistic lifestyle

connecting sustainability learners and practitioners together and providing constructive ideas & practices to help transit to minimalism which is the only solution pathway.

Traditional Wisdom
Traditional Wisdom

Sharing Home remedies, Preventive healthcare, Local medicines, Nutritive diet, Seasonal food, Grandma recipes, Food as medicine and a lot more to move towards self-reliance in Health.

Our Services 
(all our services are completely customizable as per individuals requirements)
  1. Source Segregation (dry, wet)
  2. Composting (wet waste)
  3. Kitchen Gardening
  4. Agriculture farm development
  5. Solar power system
  6. Bio-gas plant
  7. Greywater recycling
  8. Water sensor - overhead tanks
  9. Energy audit
Your takeaway at the end of program
  • 10 in 10 employees will be aware about climate change and its impact, and following a viable sustainable practices.
  • Your employees represent as Climate ambassador or volunteer and implement sustainable initiative practices in workplace / residential / public places.
  • 1 in 5 employees becomes the sustainability leader of your company.
  • Use climate champion program as cover story for your CSR report.
Some facts supporting climate champion program

Following are the sustainability and alternativism survey report conducted by JLL, Gallup, Mahindra companies across 5 top cities with 1000+ corporate respondents during 2019-2021.

  1. 6 in 10 agreed that sustainability is a key factor for engaging the workforce.
  2. 72% of the younger generation want to work for a company in sustainability efforts and heading as sustainability leaders.
  3. nearly 67% of workers wish to start sustainable practices but don’t know how to start.
  4. 89% of respondents showed interest to volunteer for climate change if the company provides a sufficient support system.


Connect with corporates - Collaborative learning - Sustainability audit

  • Employee(s) / Employer(s) take baseline questionnaire surveys to self reflect and understand about climate change and sustainability.
  • SEA Movement co-create customizable 1:1 training and services with eco-partners.
  • Wrap the program by sustainability audit or endline assessment.

Send mail to mentioning your interest or register here.​​​​​

The program is for 1-2 months depending on the training selected, however the program extends to 3-5 months to monitor for endline assessment and to track the program deliverables.

Yes, agreement needs to be signed by the corresponding authority for a duration of 6 months.

Hybrid mode.

The company / employees don't have to pay any remuneration for taking up the baseline survey, however if the company intends to take any specific training or services, charges are applicable.

The program is designed for connecting the maximum number of employees within a company. We request you to take the climate champion program to your superiors like HR / CSR heads and network with us for collaboration.

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