Climate Resilient Community (CRC)


About CRC 

Climate resilience is an envisaged preparedness to adapt to changing climatic conditions in a most sustainable way. Climate resilient community aims to create a  self-reliant and self-sufficient farm community which has eco-friendly and resilient infrastructure to lead an climate adaptive lifestyle in harmony with nature.

What is assured?

  • Clean air
  • Good drinking water
  • Surplus nutritious food
  • Green environment and
  • Improved microclimate

Elements of CRC

Food Forest
Food Forest
Cattle and Birds
agriculture farm activities
Farm Pond
eco-friendly product making
Eco-friendly Architecture
Food forest_Permaculture
Folk arts, music and games
eco-friendly construction
Herbal medicines and Alternate therapies
Minimalistic lifestyle
Common Kitchen
Traditional Wisdom
Renewable Energy
Traditional Wisdom
Watershed Management
Traditional Wisdom
Activity and Value addition center
Traditional Wisdom
Farm School
Traditional Wisdom
Community living


What way can you engage here?

  1. Stay at farm and live a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Involve and explore farm activities during your holidays/ weekends.
  3. Work from a farm in an aesthetic environment.
  4. Learn new life skills from the local community.
  5. Connect family/office/community for their events/functions.

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