DeClutter Repurpose Program (DRP)


About DRP

  • DeClutter repurpose is an initiative to dispose of items / old things that no longer serve the individuals or groups.
  • The idea of DRP is to reuse, recycle and repurpose the household items or any organizational waste created.
  • The generated waste can be refurbished or provided to needy people.

Benefits of DRP

  • Reduced landfill and Lesser environmental damage.
  • Reduces further exploitation of natural resources for manufacturing new products. 
  • Move towards a Minimalistic lifestyle.
  • Well organized home space / office space.
  • Free from Indoor pollution.

Some facts (India data)

  • 70% of clothes are thrown in garbage or incinerated.
  • 31 million tonnes of furniture waste are generated per year.
  • 2 million metric tonnes of digital junk waste are dumped.
What can you donate?   What’s not acceptable?                                   
Clothes / woolens   Medicines
Kitchen Utensils  Broken items
Bags, Suitcase Perishable items
Bicycle, Umbrella  Used undergarments
Furniture (all size) Damaged or wet clothes, materials
Toys, games, books etc   Gas lighters etc

SEA Movement’s role

  • To spot source collection points and manage logistics
  • To conduct DRP events in schools / colleges / apartments / offices and act as DRP ambassador 
  • To collaborate with partner organization and ensure proper distribution of the collected items to different rural communities or targeted beneficiaries 

Our partners

Goonj and other grassroot organisations


No. The DRP program can be initiated for any home space and work space

No. The items will not be resold to any vendors. There is no money/trade involved in the whole process

All the items collected will be distributed to marginalized communities, rural schools and shelter homes across India.


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