Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)


WEEE - Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment

E-waste is electronic equipment waste that is no longer of use / not in working condition or product nearing its shelf life. Most e-waste items are disposed of directly in dustbins or it is collected by informal sectors like scrap dealers / kabadiwalas. The collected e-waste is managed by unregulated practices. As e-waste contains pollutants like arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, copper, lead, liquid crystal, mercury, nickel, zinc, silver etc which causes severe damage to the environment, e-waste needs to be properly disposed of and environmentally sound managed to avoid toxic chemicals entering into landfills or water bodies. 

India ranks 3rd place in generating electronic waste items with only 468 authorized dismantlers / recyclers across 22 states.

Some threatening facts

  • Nearly 15% million metric tons of increase in global e-waste generation is estimated by 2030.
  • Around 95% of e-waste is handled by the informal sector; only 5% is handled by the formal sector.
  • Researchers at Jamia Millia Islamia University 2018 reported that in east delhi, the water bodies near the e-waste industrial area / dismantling centers found to have more leaching of chemicals entering the soil and groundwater with presence of copper and lead concentration 283.23 mg/kg and 298.10 mg/kg. This slowly infuses into food chains through bioaccumulation which affects humans and animals' health.    

E-waste can be sustainably managed by removing certain useful parts in it and recycling the plastic waste separately. 

Some viable ways to tackle e-waste properly

        Recycle - Reuse - Refurbish - Recover - Donate

Sea Movement’s Role

  • We organize and set up collecting e-waste from individuals, corporates, institutions, businesses.
  • We ensure the collected e-waste is properly recycled and efficiently managed with our authorised recycler partners.
  • Support with EPR certifications for bulk consumers.

Our recycling partners: Trashman and ViroGreen

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